ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat: A True Eco Luxury Experience on Naxos island!


Unparallel luxury & tradition: an oasis in the very center of Naxos island!

Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of ELaiolithos, a brand new holiday hideaway with a calm and tranquil atmosphere at an altitude of 500 meters situated in one of the most enchanting spots of Naxos island. It is nestled in a natural olive grove overlooking Zeus mountain, Panagia Drosiani, the surrounding villages along with the blue backdrop of the Aegean Sea. ELaiolithos embraces the eco-friendly lifestyle and green philosophy of nature while providing an oasis of luxurious accommodations.

Its architecture is combined with traditional styled furniture and services, with the focus of providing a comfortable and relaxing stay. All suites have received their names from the neighboring mountains and are exquisitely furnished in soft earthy colors with concrete built beds, Cycladic style bathrooms, and lighting that ooze indulgence.

A stay at ELaiolithos is the ultimate way to restore, relax, revive, reconnect, and explore. Fling open the doors and let nature flood in, relax on the terrace, listen to the birds’ melodies, to the goats’ bells, and feel the rest of the world melt away!

Enjoy an authentic guest experience with personalized service and a warm welcome by the talented owner, Helen Marakis, who is both a Naxos native and a successful entrepreneur who studied and lived in New York for 30 years.

ELaiolithos is more than a holiday retreat; it is a home away from home!


The Great Outdoors

ELaiolithos’ central location in the very heart of mainland Naxos, making every part of the island accessible at equal time, makes it the ideal place for combining your Naxian holiday with nature trails, historic itineraries, beautiful sandy beaches, entertainment and culinary local delights and wine.


A Premium Local Gastronomic Experience

Breakfast and dining at ELaiolithos is a wonderful, holistic experience not to be missed. Here you will have a local eating experience for all your senses. Helen, the owner, except of being a great host, she has also earned a reputation for creating a unique but contemporary twist on traditional Naxian cuisine with an emphasis on healthy, local, and seasonal ingredients. Here, you will taste pure authentic local dishes for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, snacks, signature drinks, the best cheeses, wine and fruits – all from the surrounded fertile region of Naxos.


An idyllic Wedding Venue

Either you wish to make your ‘big’ proposal or tie the knot, ELaiolithos is a memorable choice. Organize your special day and hold both your ceremony and reception, spending the blissful first night in the Ariadne & Dionysus honeymoon Suite. ELaiolithos with its earthy vibes offers you the opportunity for a super authentic Naxian island wedding venue experience where all your dreams will come true!



ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat


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