Barbie pink soup after city tour in Vilnius?! By Sandra Saukaite

BY Sandra Saukaite

Student at Vilnius University, Lithuania

Erasmus Plus student at the School of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Winter semester 2016-17

The article was written and published in terms of the course “Writing Personal Columns in Newspapers, Magazines & Blogs”, Erasmus Plus Programme of Aristotle University Thessaloniki.


Growing up I was never a big fan of beetroot. My grandmother used it on all her salads and everything else on the plate would be tinted purple and tainted with its earthy, sour taste. I have been thinking about recipes from beetroot a lot before I started to plan a short tour for my foreign friend.

But which places I would like to show her in Vilnius? Let me think…

She really has to see Vilnius Cathedral, because it is a classical masterpiece of the capital city of Lithuania. There is also a tower of Gediminas which can be seen well from any place in Vilnius Old Town. One of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe Vilnius Old Town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here we will find a lot of nice small shops such as Baltas miskas or Aukso avis, here could be found pieces made by local artists. It is a must see place as well as historical suburb Uzupis. The district has been popular with artists for some time, and has been compared to Montmartre in Paris and to Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen.

If she gets tired, we could go to Mint Vinetu bookstore. It’s not just simple vintage bookstore, it’s a perfect place to drink some special tea and taste a piece of cake. Very close to this place is gothic style St. Anne's Church. According to a well-known legend, Emperor Napoleon expressed a wish to carry the church home with him to Paris 'in the palm of his hand’!

And what should we eat? Our soup…

In Lithuania, there’s really only one thing to do with beetroot and that’s make cold borscht soup, known as saltibarsciai (shalt-eh-barsh-chay). Famous lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas grown up eating this soup and he is the only competitor to have won every current major strongman competition! So, let’s go to make some pink soup (of course, after city tour)!