Saint-Petersburg. The city with different colours of ice. By Iana Fishova

By Iana Fishova

Saint-Petersburg State University, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Erasmus Plus student at the School of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Winter semester 2016-17

The article was written and published in terms of the course “Writing Personal Columns in Newspapers, Magazines & Blogs”, Erasmus Plus Programme of Aristotle University Thessaloniki.


On the shore of the Baltic Sea there is a northern metropolis in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. It is the most European city in the country and its unofficial name is “Cultural capital of Russia”.

There are plenty of ancient and modern museums, marvellous palaces, cultural centres, theatres, cathedrals and castles. There are basic sights, but let us go to the most amazing events and places in Saint-Petersburg, in order to look deep inside the city.

Saint-Petersburg attracts people from all over Russia. A lot of future students dream to move from their native town in order to study there. The city is a perfect place for creative minds – there are many areas and platforms for photographers, artists, poets, writers, journalists and generally for intellectuals. The visitors can find creative communities, where every week there are discussions and performances in art spaces, such as at the most popular Art-Platform “Stages” or at the museum of contemporary art “Erarta”.

There would not be Saint-Petersburg without marvellous Neva River, with the glowing drawbridges in the evening and the White Nights from the end of May until the middle of July. In the end of June there is a great event – Scarlet Sails, the celebration of school graduation. The boat with scarlet sails voyages along the embankments towards the Winter Palace and this tradition is highly popular for its spectacular fireworks, music concerts and water shows.  

Also, it is extremely recommended to visit Saint-Petersburg during the winter, to see Neva River under a thick layer of ice and to enjoy a subway ride under the river towards the Vasilyevsky Island.

In Saint-Petersburg you can find everything you want. Just visit the city and to explore it in your own way!