Republic of Srpska: Discover a unique secret gem of Europe

An impressive travel destination in Bosnia & Herzegovina...

An untouched corner of the world that will trigger all your senses and make you connect with nature again...


“Republic of Srpska is the land of high mountains, valleys, crystal clear water and old forests. Experience an untouched corner of the world and enjoy with all senses. The tradition and religion of people shaped the cultural diversity of the Republic of Srpska making it unique in all its segments.”

H.E. Mrs. Milica RISTOVIC KRSTIC, Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina


Republic of Srpska is located on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula and is one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A bridge between East and West where Mediterranean and Alpine influences meet, it is a land rich with natural beauties and diverse cultural heritage. The 1.400.000 inhabitants are known for their big heart, hospitality and specific humor. The largest city is Banja Luka.


Welcome to the capital of Republic of Srpska! City surrounded by green hills, divided into two parts by River Vrbas. Take time to truly get to know Banja Luka. Feel their authentic beauty by walking through numerous parks and visiting interesting historical places. You are fans of adventure and active holiday! Speed up your heart rhythm; meet the beauty around Banja Luka and experience extraordinary excitement, all at once.

City's pride is Fortress Kastel, placed on the banks of Vrbas river, where everything began few centuries ago. Through historical periods it has been a witness of city's development, battles and trading, and today is a remarkable place for tourist to visit.



Trebinje is located in the southernmost part of Republic of Srpska, on the crossroads between the towns under the protection of UNESCO (Kotor, Mostar and Dubrovnik), and only 25 kilometers away from the Adriatic coast. Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunny days (260 a year) makes it an ideal place for living or spending a perfect vacation.

The monastery Herzegovinian Gračanica on the hill Crkvina is one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in Herzegovina. The monastery was built on the model of the Gračanica monastery in Kosovo and Metohija.

Monastery Tvrdoš was built on the foundations of a church from 4th century and it is one the oldest cultural-historical monuments in Republic of Srpska. During 16th and 17th century Tvrdoš was the seat of Hum-Herzegovina – Trebinje episcopacy. There are traces of the wine cellars in the Tvrdoš monastery dating as early as from the 15th century that successfully preserved to this day.



It is famous for the bridge on the Drina. It gained its fame from the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić’s same name novel. The bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built in 1577.The natural treasure of Višegrad is the Drina river. Drina Boat Rides, represents the most popular tourism product in this area. The excursions take visitors through impressive canyons.


Andrićgrad is tourist, cultural and educative stone town. The town itself is mixture of different epochs and styles that left their mark through history of this area: Byzantium style, Ottoman period, renaissance, classical period.

Monastery Dobrun (XIV century), 10 km from Višegrad keeps rich history, culture and tradition of this area. Not far from monastery there are remains of medieval fortified city Dobrun. As a part of monastery complex, there is a Museum of First Serbian uprising, gallery of paintings in Karađorđevići house, as well as Museum of Mitropolija Dabrobosanska.