10th Psiloritis Race Crete: Run in Zeus' steps!


Come to Greece… Come to Crete... with its highest mountain Psiloritis, where Zeus was raised. “Run in Zeus' steps” for our annual 10th Psiloritis Race!

The race will start on the morning of June 2, 2019, on Nida plateau in Anogia Crete. The athletes of 35 km will reach the summit of Psiloritis (2.456). 

The race trail covers the distance that pilgrims of the sacred city of Minoan Knossos used to walk in order to climb Psiloritis Mountain and honor their god, Zeus Cretagenes, who according to Ancient Greek Mythology was brought up in the cave of Ideon Andron, worship center and sanctum during the Minoan and Roman times. Today, “Psiloritis Race” links the myth with contemporary history as the runners will follow the traces of their ancestors on the holy mountain of Zeus Cretagenes.

Our love for the mountain Psiloritis where Zeus was brought up and the promotion of the natural beauty of the area, finally transformed the idea into practice. Having the support of the people who love the island and enjoy running on the mountains, we organize this event which is called the "Psiloritis Race" (PR). The event is organized with the kind support of the prefecture of Rethymno.


The races are the following:

1) Trail Race 35km

2) Street of Kouroutes 8.5km

3) Nordic Walking 8.5km

4) Kids Race 2km


Online registrations for Psiloritis Race 2019 are open until April 29th.


Register now to gain a unique experience, since the participants and their friends can enjoy both the mountain and the sea in a special mountain race. Give yourself the opportunity to escape reality and enjoy the nature!

Run in Zeus' steps!