Madrid. The city that wants to share its life. By Marina Riveras

By Marina Riveras

Journalism student, Complutense University of Madrid

Erasmus Plus student at the School of Journalism & Mass Media Studies, Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Winter semester 2016-17

The article was written and published in terms of the course “Writing Personal Columns in Newspapers, Magazines & Blogs”, Erasmus Plus Programme of Aristotle University Thessaloniki.


I’ve been living in Madrid for 21 years and I must reckon that the life that courses relentlessly through the streets still excites me. This city is a place where the passions of Europe are reunited in all its places, day after day.

A city with music in its soul and with one of the most open personalities on earth. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there is always a place and a smile for you. It is the city of endless plans. The city that probably makes you fall in love with, immediately. If one day you decide to come to Madrid, you will probably never want to leave. Everybody is welcome and no one will ever ask you where you are from.

But I want to be more specific. It is true that in Madrid you can find whatever you want. It is a city that sometimes may remind you of Milano, especially when you are walking through “Serrano Street” feeling the fashion of great trade marks in the air. Or even Paris, since it makes you want to chill in one of the many coffee shops smelling the homemade hot chocolate with our “churros”.

Or these long walks through our main and beautiful street “La Castellana” where the art is the protagonist all the way. The city where many art lovers return again and again. The most artistic place on earth that combines art with an extraordinary gourmet experience embracing all the creativity and innovation of Spain’s gastronomic revolution. And of course, the city that “kills” the night. A collection of storied cocktail bars and nightclubs that combine a hint of glamour with afterhours. Here the party never stops.

So, if there's one thing that describes Madrid, it must be its deep and infectious passion for life that you can find in the friendly and open character of the “madrileños”. Concerts, exhibitions, ballets, a select theatrical offering, the latest film releases, Broadway musicals…

It is so difficult to describe such beautiful life in just a few words. Come and meet the city on your own… Madrid is waiting for you!